(How I cleared up my acne) Breakouts and Breakthroughs




-My Face Now September 2017



Pores… Any time I think of this word it makes me cringe. Well that’s how I feel when I have break outs. Throughout my teenage years I had never experienced a break out, nope, not one. 

Oh the good life… 

In my 20’s my body began going through different changes and stages.

At 24 I started experimenting with makeup with very little knowledge about what was going on. It just got worse from there… 

I did the typical online research, asked for a few recommendations from people I know; tested out some new products, all of which led to me doing the most. I was over cleaning my skin, constantly extracting my pores, steaming my face; extracting pimples again; then putting on a clay mask all within the same sitting… Then I started to wear makeup to cover my imperfections, now some of you may look at these photos and think this isn’t that bad. Well to me, it was… And did any of those remedies help you ask? Hell no! That essentially led my skin to look like it did in the pictures above. 

So how did I do it?

I had to make a decision to leave my pimples alone. It’s been a process, but I’m getting progress. And I did it with 15 steps. 


  1. I no longer use exfoliating tools and/or brushes(including the ones made specifically for your face). I use my hands.
  2. Any facial cleanser that contains acidic products such as grapefruit, lemon etc. For myself these cleaners make my face dry, and strips the natural oils from my skin. I do not use them.
  3. For moisturizing I only use Jojoba Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Egyptian Magic, Derma E Moisturizer, & Natural Tea Tree Oil. Not all at once, it just depends on the state of my skin. I switch it up depending on the Season/time of the year.
  4. To wash my face I use the Acne.org Regimen Cleanser, Dr. Bronners Pure-Castile Liquid Soap(my go to is the Tea Tree soap), or bettersheabutter.com African Black Soap. 
  5. I do not pick at my blemishes, unless they are white heads. LEAVE THEM ALONE, and if it’s that’s serious consult with a Professional. 
  6. If I absolutely need to exfoliate I use AHA ointment which is included in the Acne.org regimen, I make a natural sugar scrub at home, or I use my ReVit Diamond Microdermabrasion tool.
  7. During my periodic menstural cycle, when I do experience a break out here, or there. I use my Acne.Org Benzoly Peroxide 2.5%, Hydrocortisone, or Tea Tree Oil to prevent breakouts. 
  8. I do not consume a lot of sugar, and I try not to eat a lot of starches or carbohydrates (not including natural carbohydrates).
  9. I wash my pillow cases regularly.
  10. When I wear makeup, I do not use primers, extra creams, oils etc. I find this only clog my pores. I recommend finding an all inclusive Moisturizer. 
  11. I do not use Towels to dry my face, I use a paper towel, or I let it air dry.
  12. I pat my skin dry when I use paper towels.
  13. I do not wear makeup on my forehead, don’t know why, it just works for me. 
  14. I do not wear makeup everyday, contrary to popular belief it is ok to take a break. No honestly though, it’s just too much work. 
  15. I DRINK at the least a GALLON OF WATER A DAY. 

DISCLAIMER: I am no professional and this is what works for me. However, I have faith that somewhere within these 15 steps I provided, you will find at least 1 that will work for you.




With love,





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