DIY Smudge Stick Step by Step

Happy New Year!
I wanted to start the New Year off by sharing with you my step by step DIY on how you can create your own smudge stick. Traditionally smudging was used as part of cultural purification, and healing ceremonies. 
Here are some reasons I enjoy Smudging.
1. It detoxifies the air.
2. Reduces anxiety.
3. Increases focus.
4. Stimulates creativity.
5. Great Aromatherapy
6. Natural Odor Remover
7. Cleanses your space from negative influences.
Every day is an opportunity for resilience and renewal.
As you push through I hope you receive an abundance of clarity, positivity, productivity, and prosperity from your journey.
With love,
#Peace #HappyNewYear
Step 1.  To begin you will need 1 pair of scissors, twine and/or cotton thread, and fresh Herbs such as (Sage, Cedar, Lavender, or Rosemary). I will be using Sage and Rosemary, as shown in the picture below:
Step 2. Once you have gathered your Herbs of choice, you will then section them in fours, if you want your smudge stick wider you can add more herbs and section x2.
Step 3. Wrap the Sage around the Rosemary, if you are using only one herb you will only need to bundle each piece together as shown in the image below: 
Step 4. Continue wrapping the sage around second herb of choice, if you are working with just Sage you will just continue to add to the bundle until you’ve reached your desired width and length you will also continue this step as you begin wrapping your thread around:
Step 5. To keep your smudge stick in place cut your thread 8′ inches and start at the very end of the smudge stick with a knot. Continue wrapping the thread around the smudge stick. You should have approximately 2-3 knots in between to assure your herbs are secure. 
Store your smudge stick in a dry and cool place 1-2 weeks. Once dry, fire it up, let it burn until you see white smoke, and allow the cleansing to begin.

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